Termite Prevention Tips Click Here

Termite Prevention Tips Click Here

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Termites can cause a lot of damage to any house, but there are many easy ways to help prevent them from sneaking into your home.

A termite inspection is the first thing that can help because it reveals lots of information about how to provide the best proof against these wood-damaging pests. It all starts with a simple search process, where a termite inspector from All Star Termite Management looks for damage that may have already happened in your home.

The next step is assessing the amount of damage found, followed by treatment options, including some DIY methods.

Fortunately, we can give you part of this information by recommending some DIY methods to keep termites away.

Place A Door Sweep At The Bottom Of The Door

One of the first things you can try is sealing the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold. You can create this door sweep with neoprene, vinyl, or nylon brush. Install it at the bottom of your door to avoid the termite infestation.

The door sweep prevents water, air, termites, and other invasive pests from getting into your house, so it is a multipurpose item for your benefit.

Combine the door sweep with an aluminum or steel threshold under the door to create a stronger barrier. This way, you will get 100% protection against bugs as they won’t be able to crawl under the door and gain access to your house.

There are other tools to use as barriers under the door, but door sweeps are among the most used. Just remember, it’s always better to contac tAll Star Termite Management as soon as possible because door sweeps are temporary measures.

Use Weatherstripping

You can also add weatherstripping around the perimeter of your door. It will seal the gap between the door and its frame, preventing termites and other bugs from sneaking around the perimeter. It also works like a protective barrier to keep any kind of bug away.

Moreover, weatherstripping is an excellent tool to ensure that water doesn’t enter your home, so it has a bonus. In other words, it is another multipurpose tool you should take advantage of.

Keep The Mulch Away Enough

Most subterranean termites find shelter in mulch and other areas which are dark, moist, and close to the ground. Log stores, basements with woodpiles, and other similar places can shelter hundreds of termites.

To drive termites away, keep the mulch at least 5” away from the door and the perimeter of your house. You should keep all your wooden items away from the door. We emphasize mulch because it creates a perfect living condition for termites and other mulch-loving insects.

These insects won’t stay in the mulch forever. They will eventually find the fastest way through your door to enter your house. Contact All Star Termite Management on time to avoid worse problems.

Install A Screen At The Door

On hot summer days (especially in California), you may want to open your doors and windows to let in a fresh breeze. Leaving your doors and windows open may relieve your over-heated home, but it can also leave it vulnerable to many bugs, including termites.

But don’t worry; you can enjoy the luxury of a cool breeze while safeguarding your home against termites. To do that, you can install a screen on your door. It will protect your house 24/7, even when the door is open. Additionally, it won’t prevent fresh air from entering your home.

Door screens are excellent tools for summer days. Moreover, they are not expensive, so they can also help you save a bit of money.

While the previous methods can help you protect your door against termites, you should still call a termite inspector to solve the problem more efficiently.

Pest control professionals preventative measures to avoid the worst-case scenario. Preventative measures include a few termite inspections a year, which are not as expensive as you think and can help keep your house in good condition.

If you want a high-quality service with an efficient termite inspection, Our licensed technicians will be happy to help!


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